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Latest news:

June 5 2013
Today we film a special project for FMO. We will be interviewing 15 young kids about themes that deal with sustainability.

May 22 2013
Working on a new animated film for UTZ Certified with the intriguing title Theory of Change. Busy together with one of our freelance animators

May 15 2013
Meeting at AgroFair. For them we made a few films already and they are very happy with these. So they want a few more!

May 8 2013
We are making the new corporate film for Sawadee Travels. It’s a nice concept in which we follow the (online) journey of a customer. This means creative screenshots and animations!

April 30 2013
Today we have to shoot some images during Queen’s Day. A boat is floating through the Amsterdam canals which has to be filmed and photographed.

April 26 2013
Our intern Florine has finished her research and this means we will all have dinner together tonight and she will present her results.

April 19 2013
The Holland America Line celebrates its 125 year anniversary with a specially cultivated tulip. Today this is revealed at the Keukenhof and Orientation is making a film about this event.

April 17 2013
Meeting about various film projects and afterward filming at Apenheul, a really nice Dutch zoo!

April 11 2013
The corporate film we made for UTZ Certified, has to be translated into Chinese. Our translation partner delivers the Chinese characters and we have to add them in a re-edit of the film.

April 5 2013
Working on four films for, an initiative of – amongst others - Waag Society.

March 29 2013
Meeting with the Peter Pan Holiday Foundation, the initiative that we are sponsoring for many years with beautiful films. They are planning to organize more trips and of course in autumn we join them for a week of fun and sun.

March 19 2013
At the Dutch Tourism Expo we met two adventurous guys who are planning to fly over Africa with a paramotor (all the way form Morocco to South-Africa.!) We are in talks with them to see what is the best format for their footage.

March 10 2013
The final episode of Overal & Nergens. How interesting and beautiful this project has become. Over 100 travelers took part in our multimedia project. We were surprised by the amount of cool adventures Dutchies experience abroad. And how well these are captured by their cameras. Hopefully more next year!

9 May 2012
Our side project has a new look! If you want to wear a nice t-shirt for the upcoming European Championship or just an original t-shirt with Dutch proverbs literally translated in English? Go to and you will see where the ship strands!

7 May 2012
Today we had a meeting at AVIAREPS Tourism about an awesome project for which we start filming at Schiphol Airport shortley. The film will be shown at an ArkeFly lounge party to spread the news that ArkeFly will soon fly to Las Vegas directly.

3 May 2012
Preparing for a trip to Colombia and Ghana for UTZ Certified this month. UTZ Certified has a new logo and a new branding of the company. With the film, UTZ Certified shows their new branding to a broad audience.

1 May 2012
AgroFair, a major importer and distributor of (biological) tropical Fairtrade fruit, has decided to print a QR code on the label of the Fairtrade pineapples and bananas. Behind this code, you will see a movie made by us.

17 April 2012
We have filmed a very interesting and fascinating interview for FreedomLab Future Studies, an independent European think tank.

16 April 2012
We finished filming the trailer for the 'Sumo Race'! On June 3rd the 'Sumo Race' will take place in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. A happy run for CliniClowns. The trailer will be shown on screens in the trams in Amsterdam.

10 April 2012
Today an Orientation crew travels to southern Spain to shoot several films for the summer brochure of outdoor company Bever.

9 April 2012
Today an Orientation crew is present on a football field to film and actually play a few matches. All this at SV RAP in Amstelveen for the 'ForEster Sterrendag’, a foundation that supports the Peter Pan Vakantieclub.

5 April 2012
The report about 'De Gouden Neus' event is online at the CliniClowns website:

28 March 2012
The films for Bever for the spring brochure are finished and shown online and in the Bever stores.

27 March 2012
The founders of Orientation Jeroen Stultiens and Arlette Foeken started in this business 20 years ago. This Saturday they will celebrate their jubilee with friends and families.

25 March 2012
This year again 'de Gouden Neus' by CliniClowns will be presented to an organisation who organised the most special or funny event. Orientation will make the nominee-video and a report of the event.

19 March 2012
Our office has a new team member. Florine van Dijk is studying Media, Information and Communication in Amsterdam and she will be doing her graduation paper here at Orientation.

18 March 2012
Today we were playing outside with the Dutch Land Rover Experience. People can book different courses to learn the techniques driving a Land Rover. The promotional film will be shown online and in all dealer showrooms.

10 March 2012
For UTZ Certified we are developing a corporate film and a film on mass balance. Rough editing and designing the look and feel will take place in April.

6 March 2012
We had a meeting with the Peter Pan Vakantieclub Foundation about future trips and the new corporate video we will make this summer.

3 March 2012
Spontaneous last-minute job: 3 days of filming in New York & Boston for FreedomLab Future Studies.

28 February 2012
We filmed a demo for singer Clementine Noordzij. We will turn this concert with a special living room atmosphere into a promotional video.

22 February 2012
From this week De Ruijter ‘hagelslag’ and ‘vlokken’ are in the supermarket with packaging containing a QR code. When scanning this code, you will see a video about sustainable cocoa made by us.

15 February 2012
A film crew is traveling to Cape Town for a week of filming around the South African capital for the spring brochure of Dutch outdoor company Bever.

03 February 2012
A few of our clients did a restyle for their logo and artwork. As a result we adjusted all films for Koning Aap and the Nestlé Cocoa Plan.

30 January 2012
Today we filmed 3 short clips for ‘Apps voor Nederland’. In this competition developers are challenged to develop applications, using Open Data.

27 January 2012
Orientation is around for 10 years! And we are proud of it. During 2012 we will develop several campaigns in which we draw attention to our jubilee.

16 January 2012
Agrofair is market leader in Fairtrade fruit and we are making 3 films for this Dutch company about bananas, mangos and pineapples. These films will be used online and in exhibitions.

4 January 2012
The Dutch Vakantiebeurs will be held soon and Orientation produces films for 4 exhibition stands. Besides these, we are preparing for the business day Dutch Travel Expo, preceding the regular exhibition.

27 December 2011
Based on our database full of footage we produced a beautiful TV commercial for Dutch travel brand Koning Aap. This will be shown for several weeks on National Geographic.

18 December 2011
The Peter Pan Holiday Foundation celebrates its 15 year jubilee with a reunion in amusement park Efteling. Because Orientation has been supporting this foundation with free film productions for years, we were present and experienced a wonderful day together with all former participants and companions.

3 December 2011
For FMO we produced interactive season greetings. This online wish is made up of 20 FMO exployees who wish for a happy new year, each in his or her own language. The viewer can determine the order of the different wishes and this leads to an original film experience.

15 November 2011
The QR codes with films behind them are a succes. Various UTZ Certified partners use these to inform their customers about the story behind the products. Codes appeared in Dutch newspaper Metro and on displays at ESSO gas stations. Anyone who scans a code, sees a short and powerful film produced by us.

27 October 2011
For the third time in a row Orientation has filmed the Max Havelaar lecture. This evening also was the kick-off for the Fairtrade Week. Because of this, we also made a short movie that featured as the offical opening.

20 October 2011
We went to Mongolia to help with the production of the Overland trip that Floortje Dessing is taking from Amsterdam to Beijing. This part will be broadcast in April 2012 at BNN.

16 October 2011
For Dutch outdoor specialist Bever a camera crew went to Chamonix in France. From this base camp trips were made into the Alps for beautiful shoots with the new winter collection. With Mt. Blanc as a backdrop!

8 October 2011
The trip for Peter Pan Holiday club was great! With a crew of three persons we sponsored this foundation and recorded the week in Mallorca with video and pictures. For the first time in seven years we made a short clip every day to keep the friends and families informed.

25 September 2011
UTZ Certified asked us to edit their photo archive, Together with them we set-up a Mediacenter in which these pictures are put with the movies we produced. This way, alle media will be available to the partners worldwide.

17 September 2011
For Ebookers Orientation filmed in Amsterdam today for a report of their ‘showglobe’ event. In this showglobe people can catch balloons that contain prices. The film will be used on social media.

5 September 2011
For UTZ Certified we have developed a number of QR codes which show a film after scanning them. These codes will be used by multiple partners in several marketing campaigns. Orientation also provides the technology, hosting and analytics for these codes.

20 Augustus 2011
The new films for Bever have been completed. We shot these in Norway with four models who show the autumn collection. The films will be used on the Bever website, social media, on screens in the 34 stores and in a digital brochure.

29 juli 2011
The film for PLUS supermarkets is finished! From now on all pineapples will be produced and bought in a sustainable way by PLUS Orientation went to Ghana with PLUS and Fairtrade to record the impact of this switch.

12 July 2011
Over the next few months, Orientation will be editing films for PAL4’s digital channel. Using a video connection, PAL4 allows patients and other health care recipients to communicate with doctors, health care providers, fellow sufferers and family. The films are recorded by the PAL4 team and then edited by Orientation. In June, Orientation gave the PAL4 team a workshop on filming.

01 July 2011
The first ebookers brainstorming session is done and dusted! Orientation has come up with an idea for the ebookers campaign in September 2011, which will be on show in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. More information in September!

28 June 2011
The ticket to Oslo has been booked! An Orientation crew is heading off to Norway to film during the Bever photo shoot. This time, the autumn collection is being filmed and photographed. The films will be played in the 35 Bever branches in the Netherlands, as well as online.

27 June 2011
An Orientation crew is in The Hague to film three testimonials for Pearl Opticians, followed by three testimonials for Eye Wish Groeneveld. The videos will be shown online to make new colleagues enthusiastic about the industry.

25 June 2011
Orientation is in Schiphol Oost today for volunteer work at Stichting Hoogvlieger’s High-Flyers Day. The Stichting Hoogvlieger foundation gives sick children the opportunity to feel like a pilot for a day. Orientation is on hand to video everything. The footage will be used to create a great report on the day, which can be viewed on Hoogvliegers TV (

22 June 2011
Every now and then, UTZ Certified employees on working visits overseas will record short films on the production process for cocoa beans, coffee beans and tea leaves. To teach the employees film basics, Orientation will be hosting two workshops called ‘How to use a camera’. The first workshop went off with a bang today.

15 June 2011
We’re providing Nestlé with four new versions of the ‘Cocoa Plan’ film. The voiceover scripts are being translated into Portuguese, French, German and Spanish and then being recorded next week, after which the editing can begin!

10 June 2011
‘Six Dreams, Seven Countries’ – Laura and Marens have a dream: to go on a faraway cycling tour. Over the coming year, they’ll be exploring southern Africa by bike. Orientation has put together an introductory video for their website, in which the girls explain their passion and their plan.

07 June 2011
It’s 3.15 p.m. and the KLM flight to Accra is off! The Orientation crew for the Fairtrade pineapple film is on board. Together with the Max Havelaar Foundation, a photographer and PLUS staff, the crew is travelling to three sites in Ghana.

01 June 2011
The Amsterdamse Bos [Amsterdam woods] provides the setting for the Care Plus ‘How to use…’ videos. For this specialist in traveller protection, we’re making films about ‘how to use a mosquito-net, DEET and tick tweezers’. In total, nine one-minute films.

31 May 2011
Orientation is travelling today from Egmond aan Zee via restaurant Fifteen to the Dorint hotel in Schiphol Oost. We’re filming profiles of three restaurant owners to be used in the inspiring Puur Restaurant Week promotional video.

16 May 2011
The passport with the Ghanaian visa has arrived! An Orientation crew will be travelling to Ghana in early June to make a film on Fairtrade pineapples for PLUS. From mid-July, this supermarket chain will have 100% Fairtrade pineapples in their shops.

14 May 2011
Orientation is in the AD newspaper Saturday supplement! The magazine mentions the apron, which is one of the presents on This is a special supplement celebrating Princess Máxima’s 40th birthday.

13 May 2011
Today we’re at special events venue de Glazen Ruimte in Maarssen, where we’re filming a promotional video for the 2011 Puur Restaurant Week. Puur Restaurant Week ambassador Ramon Beuk invites you to eat at one of the participating restaurants.

07 May 2011
We’ve got a new colleague! Bastiaan Morssink has joined our team and over the next two months, he’ll be helping us with developing a new TV programme called ‘Overal&Nergens’

05 May 2011
We have made a German version of the UTZ Certified coffee film for several Swiss and German coffee brands. The film will be used by 7 companies for overall marketing activities.

26 April 2011
The Nestlé Cocoa Plan film is ready! The film will be streamed via the website There is a 3 minutes version and a 6'30 minutes version wherein will be explained how the Nestlé Cocoa Plan works.

22 April 2011
Orientation is going to produce 13 films for Care Plus where 'How to use....' will be the central message. For example, how to use a mosquito net in the right way? And, do you apply your sunscreen first and then DEET or DEET first and then sunscreen?

21 April 2011
Albert Heijn chooses, besides the English film, also for a Dutch version of the UTZ Certified coffee film. In only 3'25 minutes the viewer will see the process from picking the coffee beans to the production of the coffee pods.

18 April 2011
Our mobile website is online. In case you access with a smartphone, from now on you will see an optimised website.

10 April 2011
Back from Italy. Around Lago di Grada an Orientation crew has been filming for Bever outdoor shops, parallel to the photoshoot for a new brochure. Two female and two male models showed the new summer collection of clothing and accessories. We will edit a making-of film and 2 moodfilms, all to be shown on the website and on screens in the 34 shops around the country.

1 April 2011
Our practical joke is online! A few years ago in Argentina we noticed a traffic sign saying "Maxima 40". This may, our Dutch princess Maxima will turn 40 and thanks to our new webshop fans of our monarchy can purchase special products to celibrate her birthday.

20 March 2011
For Bever, Orientation edited a film showing the making-of a photoshoot in South Africa. This film will be shown on the Bever website and on narrowcasting screens in the 35 Dutch stores.

6 March 2011
An Orientation film crew has left for Guayaquil in Ecuador. They will be shooting a film for Nestlé - the Cocoa Plan, an intitiative to make the cocoa purchased by Nestlé more sustainable.

24 February 2011
We are getting more and more international clients for the footage we filmed in the cocoa industry in Ivory Coast. Recently, we made films for Mars Austria and Germany and for Chocolat Frey in Switzerland.

15 February 2011
For Ahold Coffee Company we are producing a branded version of the UTZ Certified coffee film. For this we are filming extra footage in the Albert Heijn XL and their own coffee roasting company in Zaandam.

01 February 2011
For FrieslandCampina's 'Chocomel' product, Orientation made a spin-off of the UTZ Certified cocoa film, which is soon to be screened on the Chocomel website, which also uses stills from the film.

27 January 2011
The coffee film is ready! The film about sustainable coffee for UTZ Certified has been edited. This 07’25 minute film shows the added value that buying sustainable coffee has for farmers in coffee countries Brazil and Uganda.

14 January 2011
Orientation produced the ‘2011 kick-off film’ for Pecoma and it’s to be premiered at the kick-off party in Urk. After that, short clips from the film will be put on the Pecoma website.

11 January 2011
‘Day for the trade’ at the Holiday Trade Fair. Orientation was there and shot the films for the Shoestring and Koning Aap stands that were screened in and around the stands during the Trade Fair. Dimsum Reizen, which is sponsored by our side project, received 2 new T-shirts from us.

06 January 2011
At the Horecava Trade Fair, Max Havelaar demonstrated the importance of a Fairtrade Hotelroom. Orientation produced a short but spirited film with this clear message which, besides being shown at the Horecava, can also be seen on the web. There is a Dutch and an English version.

20 December 2010
In December, Orientation made a film for the CBL, the Dutch Food Retail Association, as part of an illustrated book about sustainability (Zichtboek Duurzaamheid). The CBL is sending this book plus 2000 DVDs of the film to customers and business contacts.

28 November 2010
We made a ‘coffee film’ for UTZ Certified. Orientation shot footage in Brazil and Uganda to visualise the coffee chain from farmer to consumer material. After filming some interviews in the Netherlands, the editing could start.

15 November 2010
The winter sports special of our side project went online. Apart from our standard collection of fun T-shirts for world travellers, we also sell warmer clothing with texts in German and French for winter sports enthusiasts.

01 November 2010
Have you noticed yet? For several months now, the paper sachets containing Pickwick English Blend teabags have featured the sustainable tea photos. We’ve had three wonderful photos, taken by our freelance photographer Roger van Zaal, on the base of the teabag box for a while already but now the photos are on the teabag itself as well! Check out the green Pickwick package.

29 October 2010
Two weeks ago, Orientation filmed the Peter Pan Vakantieclub holiday week, for the sixth time. Every year this foundation, which is linked to, organises a trip to a sunny destination for 40 chronically ill young people. This year, for the first time, the foundation organised a long weekend in the Netherlands for a smaller group: 12 young people who have Crohn’s disease or Colitis went to the Ronald McDonald house in Friesland, accompanied this time not by a film crew but by two Orientation staff who supplied the professional photography – free of charge, of course.

27 October 2010
This was the Max Havelaar lectures series day. Orientation filmed all the speakers during the lectures, which were held at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and edited a day report afterwards. Two Orientation films were screened during the lecture: PLUS 100% bananas with the Max Havelaar quality label and an interview between Rob Cameron, FLO director and Rob van Tulder, professor at Erasmus University. After the lecture, Orientation filmed a short promo with Jan Pronk for the National Association of Fair Trade Shops (Landelijke Vereniging van Wereldwinkels).

8 October 2010
Two spin-offs of the UTZ Certified cocoa film have been completed. Individual versions have been edited for Heinz and Mars NL and UK. De Ruijter chocolate sprinkles and flakes come under Heinz, which also uses several of Orientation’s photos for the DVD cover and the press kit.

3 October 2010
Orientation loves ‘friend’s projects’ and was involved in a nice film for In an amusing way, presenter Hans van der Togt called the bingo numbers. Filming took place at the daylight studios at Utrechtsedwarsstraat in Amsterdam and in Hans’s favourite pub at Amstelveld.

29 September 2010
Chocolate letters! Orientation made a film about cocoa for UTZ Certified and partners, shooting all the letters in the alphabet in chocolate letters and using them for the texts and words in the film. Besides that, an item on NOS online using our visual material also focused on UTZ Certified chocolate letters.

20 August 2010
Colombia. An Orientation film crew went on a press trip for Max Havelaar and PLUS Supermarket. PLUS has been selling 100% bananas with the Max Havelaar quality label since January 2010. A group of journalists took to the road to tell the story, in words and pictures, of the origin of bananas and the stories of the farmers who grow them.

18 July 2010
The pilot is ready! Orientation has for some time been working on a concept for a new travel programme for television with ‘’, a Dutch website for travellers contacting home. The pilot was completed some weeks ago and we are looking for sponsors. We expect to be conducting talks with potential sponsors at the 2011 Holiday Trade Fair (vakantiebeurs). To be continued!