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Photography is an important part of Orientation. Photography is often combined with film projects but we also do photography projects on their own, either in‑house or in collaboration with freelance photographers. Besides that, we also make graphic use of photos in our editing work.

Examples include the chocolate letter font in the UTZ cocoa film and the photo animations in the Max Havelaar Hotel Campaign film. The professional editing of our photography takes place at our office. Below is an impression of the projects and how we complete them.

In addition to the corporate film for FMO, we made photos of every project visited, which FMO uses in presentations and on its website. The projects were photographed in Colombia, Mongolia, Kenya and India. Click on the photo te see the FMO gallery!

Own work combined with filmmaking. UTZ has used photos for the new website and for various printed materials. Also, a number of photos are being used by certified partners of UTZ. The photos were shot in Ivory Coast, Uganda and Brazil. Click on the photo te see the UTZ gallery!

Photography assignment combined with filmmaking. The photos were made by freelance photographer Roger van Zaal and are used for the Pickwick English Blend tea package, the Pickwick English Blend teabag sachet and the Pickwick website. Click on the photo te see the Pickwick gallery!