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UTZ Certified

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UTZ Certified is a quality label for sustainable products and aims to implement a global certification standard and traceability programme. Under the UTZ Certified programme, farmers benefit from better quality and productivity as a result of which they can negotiate better prices with their buyers. Orientation travelled to Ivory Coast, Uganda and Brazil to capture the cocoa and coffee chains on film and record the impact of the certification on the farmers.

Orientation has adapted the UTZ Certified Coffee and Cocoa films in different languages for companies like FrieslandCampina, Ahold Coffee Company, Mars and Chocolate Frey.

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For UTZ Certified we also developed a QR code project. These codes are being used on packaging, ads, posters and coffeecups and when scanned, they show specifically produced films. Orientation takes care of the films, the QR technology the hosting and the analytics.

And Orientation set up the UTZ Certified Mediacenter. This database holds more than 1000 pictures and 100 films produced by Orientation. These files are accessible for UTZ Certified partners worldwide through the Mediacenter.

UTZ Certified films:

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